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The DFW Window Cleaning of Arlington as well provide window repair services for both residential and commercial sector.

Let’s start with our home window repair service. Most of the common problems with windows in homes are caused by broken window seals also going beyond the saturation point of the absorbent material that the manufacturer puts inside the thermal window. Those common problems include foggy windows, condensation in windows, and moisture in windows.

As time goes by, the moisture indoors is going to enter the spaces between the window panes of house windows. It will build up to such a level where the condensation is going to appear inside the window itself. After a little more time, this problem is going to worsen and cause other complications such as poor visibility. The outcome is that the windows are going to be damaged beyond the point of repair.

The procedure that we use for commercial buildings is the same as the one we use for residential windows. Window moisture is eliminated by having two or more inconspicuous holes drilled through the window pane situated outside. It all begins with the removal of any unpleasant stains or deposits through careful washing between the window panes. A solution will then be used to rinse and it will as well help with the drying.

Moisture enters through a damaged window seal in the bottom spacer bar of a foggy thermal window pane. To conceal the bottom spacer bar, a desiccant sealer will be injected. Continuous ventilation will be provided by installing vents in the holes drilled into the outside window pane.

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